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Communication Skills

SamSpeaksScience by Samuel Lagier

Giving a good scientific talk requires finding the right balance between the objective presentation of the data and the subjective touch of the presenter necessary to engage his/her audience. In this workshop, participants will work on the presentation triad: content, visual support and delivery. Participants will learn to present scientific topics in concise and appealing bites and to integrate elements of storytelling in their presentations. The importance of metaphors for the explanation of complex issues will be discussed and a series of concrete tips on how to properly illustrate a presentation with slides will be presented. Finally, a series of exercises will be used to train the participants to master the art of body language. By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • know the fundamentals of presentation skills related to content, visuals and delivery
  • have a better understanding of the challenges of the scientific presentation
  • be more confident in preparing and delivering talks